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PMP Tips

Project Management Professional (PMP) is indeed a title that every project manager wishes to attain during his/her career. Owning the PMP Certification entitles candidates to reap the benefits of being recognized internationally through PMI and secure higher remuneration. The age-old myth stating that PMP Exam is hard to crack has been proved wrong. Successful Project Management Professionals have contributed to the project management community by suggesting useful tips that can assist aspiring professionals to pass PMP Exam without any hassles.

What is the best way to clear PMP Exam?

In order to clear the exam, individuals need to be aware of the exam content. A clear understanding of the concepts makes it easier for professionals to tackle any kind of questions presented in the PMP Exam. Also, it is evident that showcasing dedication and commitment to the exam prep process allows individuals to clear the exam easily. Let us have a look at some of the useful tips suggested by experts in the project management field.

Know the fundamentals

Aspiring PMP candidates need to have a clear understanding of project management and its concepts. Individuals are expected to know the format of the PMP Exam, the weightage on each domain, and the time allotted. This makes it easier to focus on the important and significant concepts of PM, than focusing on less important topics. In addition, candidates need to understand the concept of pretest questions and actual exam questions. As a result, knowing the fundamentals of the PMP Exam allows candidates to form their own strategy for exam preparation.

Determine method of study

Project managers willing to be certified with PMP need to determine their method of study. Attempting and clearing PMP Exam requires an individual to focus on what is being learned and how it is being learned. Memorization does not play a role here as project managers need to understand the practicalities of the concepts. This in turn necessitates individuals to be dedicated learners and effectively prepare for the exam.

Create a plan

Every individual aspiring to clear PMP Exam needs to maintain a schedule for the exam preparation process. Without a schedule, an individual cannot dedicate his/her time to know the concepts of PMP. Without dedication, individuals fail to clear PMP Exam and acquire the certification. Moreover, it is good to continuously evaluate the study progress as per the actual plan and know the reasons for lagging.

Study the vocabulary

Understanding project management does not solely depend on the concepts and best practices followed in the field. Aspiring individuals need to have good command over various project management terms that play a role on a daily basis. Knowing these terms also assists in understanding the questions presented in PMP Exam. Several aspirants tend to oversee the glossary section, which hinders their efforts in passing the exam.  

Find a co-partner

The age-old practice of learning with peers has proved to be a useful learning technique even today. Aspiring project managers can team up with other aspirants through PMI forums or training program. This helps in productively using the preparation period and effectively understanding the concepts. If opting for a group, aspirants can come up with interactive learning methods to comprehensively understand the terms and methodologies of project management.

Make notes

As part of PMP requirements specified by Project Management Institute, candidates are required to fulfill mandatory contact hours of education. This requirement is usually met by attending PMP Certification Training through online or in-classroom methods at the convenience of aspirants. During the PMP Training program, candidates can make notes of the real-life scenarios mentioned by trainers. In addition, candidates can also make their own notes while referring to PMBOK during their preparation time.

Go beyond PMBOK

The ideal guide for any candidate aspiring to become a Project Management Professional is to master PMBOK Guide. However, it is also advised to look beyond PMBOK Guide and refer to other materials for a better understanding of the project management concepts. The topics covered in PMBOK are also covered in other reference materials which can be understood easily by candidates. Having a basic understanding of the concepts mentioned in PMBOK is equally necessary for individuals to know the concepts completely.

These tips for cracking PMP have proven to be useful for certified professionals in the field. Although becoming a Project Management Professional is no easy task, aspiring individuals can apply these suggestions while preparing themselves to earn the certification of PMP. With adequate training and a robust PMP preparation schedule, any aspiring project manager is deemed to pass the exam with the required score and earn the title of Project Management Professional.

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